Thursday, May 11, 2017

reflection unit 3

Khalid Abulisan
Pop culture
Unit 3

·         In this unit we talked about movies and learned about what's related to movies through the text and other sources that helped us to know more about this industry. We learned that movies has an impact on us when we watch a film it gives us so many pictures of what the producer want us to see. We also learned about big companies that produce films and how we can analyze a film using a little thinking with some imagination about the film.

·         My Aha moment was while we learning in our class about Bollywood. It surprises me that Bollywood produce more movies than any other movies or filming companies. The more surprising thing also was when I learned that Bollywood make more films than Hollywood. Because I used to think that Hollywood is the best in that business while I learned that there are other successful companies are also in the lead. 

·         My bumper sticker represent life as a delicious sandwich. It tell us that there are more to discover in this life than what we can imagine. Let's open our minds and hearts. 

·     I didn't know that there are too many movie production companies in the United States that most of them produce a great movies and films.   

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